At Cannon Property Management LLC located in Salisbury, MD, we make sure that all of our clients are well informed about their property’s management. It is up to our clients to decide how much they want to be contacted, updated and involved with respect to the leasing of and repairs made to their properties depending on how hands-on they prefer to be. We provide monthly reports regarding the status of the accounts and all income and expenses incurred with respect to all of our client’s properties. These reports explain to the client the leasing progress and how we are fixing any issues, such as: failure to pay rent, needed repairs, maintenance issues, and any other problems that may arise.


  • Publishing properties on-line and in person via its easily located local downtown Salisbury, MD offices
  • Reviewing prospective tenants’ applications and screening all tenants’ employment income, criminal records, and prior rental history to make sure we find the best qualified tenants we can for our clients.
  • Preparing leases and reviewing the lease terms with the tenants before signing for a clear understanding of the tenant’s responsibilities.
  • Coordinating with HUD to implement Section 8 Tenant approvals, lease signing, annual inspections, and monitoring payments.
  • Assisting our clients in complying with Lead Paint laws and Landlord Licensing laws as well as helping with any necessary inspections.
  • Issuing required notices to tenants and preparing any necessary court pleadings regarding all tenant noncompliance matters ranging from failure to pay rent to non-compliance with the terms of the lease or failure to comply with city ordinances.
  • Preparing for and attending court hearings for failure to pay rent, breach of lease and tenant holding over actions, and explaining to our clients legal matters that may arise with respect to the property and tenancies.
  • If evictions are necessary, we coordinate and follow up with the Sheriff’s Department to execute on such evictions, providing the manpower to remove any remaining tenant belongings from the property and calculating any tenant damages.